There are loads of great organisations and charities that need your help in Tel Aviv. Here are a few ways that you can volunteer your time…

  1. OneDay Social Volunteering – OneDay organise 2-3 one-day volunteering events every month. 
  2. List of Popular Organisations Looking for Volunteers – Get in touch directly with NGOs and charities.

1. OneDay Social Volunteering


OneDay Social Volunteering is an awesome organisation that organises 2 to 3 one-day events a month, usually on Fridays.

Their goal is to “enable young adults ages 18-35 to socialize with other people their age while volunteering in a way that fits into their day-to-day schedule”.

Recent events include:

To learn more, check out their Facebook Page.

2. List of Popular Organisations Looking for Volunteers

  • Aluma: assisting and helping soldiers before, during and after their service – website | facebook
  • Arab Jewish Community Center in Jaffa: promoting coexistence through cultural activities in the Ajami neighborhood in Jaffa – website | facebook
  • African Refugee Development Centre (ARDC): assisting African refugees and asylum seekers – website | facebook
  • Eritrean Community Women’s Center – unique grassroots project in Tel Aviv set up to support and empower Eritrean refugee women living in Israel – website | facebook
  • Fidel: Association for Education and Social Integration of Ethiopian Jews in Israel – website | facebook
  • Hiddush: acting towards religious freedom and equality – website
  • Jaffa Insititute: as a private non-profit, the institute works as a social agency to create a new reality for thousands of underprivileged Israeli children from Jaffa, South Tel Aviv and Bat Yam – website | facebook
  • Kedma: this organization offers assistance to students in schools in disadvantaged areas in Israel – website
  • La Escuelita en Israel: assisting the Latino community of migrant workers in Israel – website | facebook
  • Lasova: Soup Kitchens and Homeless Shelters – website | facebook
  • Latet: looking after the most in need in Israel – website | facebook
  • Magen David Adom:  supporting Israel’s ambulance service – website
  • Mothers Make a Difference : supporting refugees and their families in South Tel Aviv – facebook
  • Save a Child’s Heart: improving the quality of cardiac care for children from developing countries – website | facebook
  • Sikkuy: a shared organization of Jewish and Arab citizens, working to implement full equality on all levels between the Arab Palestinian and Jewish citizens of Israel – website | facebook
  • SPCA Animal Shelter: one of the biggest dog and cat adoption centers in israel – website | facebook
  • Tinokot – first hug: providing hospitalized abandoned babies with warmth and human contact – website | facebook

Also check out Peace NGOs Israel Database.

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