Mon 2 September 2019 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Barby - Derech Kibuts Galuyot 52, Tel Aviv,

Yuval Mendelssohn and the trip to Poland – the album launch!

Friends and Companies, great joy!
Excited and excited to invite you to celebrate the launch of Yuval Mendelssohn’s album and the journey to Poland, to read, simply, Yuval Mendelssohn and the trip to Poland.

Who doesn’t know Fucking Yuval Mendelssohn ??
A soloist, a teacher of citizenship, Bella’s father (and a werewolf), a drinker, a dachshund, a polemic, a bad guy to socialize and an education movement man.

The new album, in the musical production of Rebbe Assaf Talmudi, is a four-year work. I put everything I know inside, everything I feel inside.

So what’s the plan? New songs (Friday’s pitch, the classroom teacher), the best of Shaigets hits (Merlin Monroe, Dad Lawyer), Jubilee Jubilee Songs (Rabin’s Assassination, Human Body), Public Singing, Hell’s Drum Bass, Keyboards on Fungus Mushrooms, Laughs And stories, chizbet around the campfire and one Yuval Mendelssohn, the name will rise.

Opening Show: Crotch, Guest: Surprising (but really).

Yuval Mendelssohn and the Journey to Poland are:
Guitar and Poetry: Yuval Mendelssohn
Keyboards: Assaf Talmudic
Drums: Nadav Luzia
Bass: Or Edri
Sound: Aviv Mark

Banner Design: Omri Cohen

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