Wed 9 January 2019 | 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Shapira Community Center - Israel Masalant 27, Tel Aviv, 40 NIS

What is Gaga ??

Gaga is a language of movement developed by Ohad Naharin and is used by the dancers of the band
Batsheva Dance as a practice and daily practice.
At the same time, another path developed, Gaga / People, suitable for all
One at a time, at any age and without prior experience.

Gaga offers a new way to introduce and strengthen the body, to improve flexibility, agility and efficiency and ignites the senses and imagination. The experience in it develops awareness of physical weaknesses, wakes up decadent places, reveals physical fixations and offers ways to eliminate them.

The work improves the instinctive movement and connects the decisions of the conscious movement with the unconscious, and allows an experience of freedom and pleasure, in a simple way, in a pleasant space, comfortable clothes, accompanied by music, each with himself and others.

In the Gaga class the participants are guided by a series of instructions that are built on a layer and form a continuum of movement.

All participants experience an active investigation of the instructions given, as they discover
How to interpret the information given, and to follow the instruction in accordance with their interpretation and personal feelings.

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