Mon 13 August 2018 | 8:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Moodtlv - London Minster, Tel Aviv,

“Never postpone tomorrow what you can postpone to the next day” (Mark Twain).

If you go online instead of finishing the job,
Or you have already received a warning that you did not pay the report,
Or you’re sure you’re starting a diet tomorrow or you’re keeping the box of batteries under the bed for two years so you do not throw them in the trash.
Then apparently – you are part of a very large community – procrastinators.

| Ticket price: 50 NIS

Judith Katz, a positive psychology expert, will be hosting Funzing Talks for a lecture that combines positive psychology, brain research, changing habits and many studies to explain why we reject things, who are the procrastinators, what kind of procrastination you are and how rejecters managed to work on themselves and reject Call it procrastination. And above all, what methods and tools can we use in order to stop postponing tomorrow.

When we reject everything for the last minute, we lower our performance levels, we damage our mental well-being, and we also lose our time, our most precious resource. Beyond that, we are filled with guilt and the feeling that we can not really be the person we wanted to be. Procrastination affects all aspects of our lives – from work to happiness.

Yehudit Katz is an initiator, lecturer and facilitator of personal processes in the field of positive psychology (happiness research) and practical research-based psychology.

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