Fri 8 February 2019 | 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
The Complex - Carlebach 2, Tel Aviv,

Dear girls, In view of the recent successful events we are once again we organize a clothing exchange party.

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Friday, 8.2.19
10: 00-12: 30


What should be done?
very simple ! You go into your closet and take out all the clothes (the only beautiful ones !!) that you no longer wear, do not get over you or you get tired of them
Like you dozens of other girls will bring … We concentrate everything and sort out in the club according to the types of dress and each takes for herself what suits her
That’s how we enjoy stunning clothes without spending a dime! And also contribute to the environment!
* Arrival time and organization 10: 00-10: 30
There will then be no entry
* At the entrance the clothes will be sorted. An unworthy garment will not enter the party.
* Each one can take items up to the amount she herself brought.
If you have 10 items you can take 10 items.

What do you do with your clothes?
I donate them to shelters for battered women and shelter for at-risk youth
What not ?
Not to bring rags, tattered, torn, no underwear, no bras, no socks, no tools and things. Only clothes in excellent condition !!
There is going to be a selection in the entrance and unsuitable clothes will not enter.

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