Mon 30 December 2020 | 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Cafe Shapira - Ralbag 15, Tel Aviv,

What is your philosophy of life?

Many of us search for philosophies of life that may provide answers to our existential questions. Fortunately, the ancient Stoics have developed a life philosophy that appeals to every person. Stoics teach us methods to reduce suffering in life, to develop resilience in the face of the difficulties that will come our way, and to seek a state of attraction, the so-called “stoic tranquility.”

So what is Stoic philosophy anyhow?

Founded in ancient Greece by the merchant Zeno of Kition, culminating in the influence of Epictetus, the freed slave, stoicism became the life philosophy of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius. There are many similarities between Stoic and Buddhist philosophy, but one of the most interesting things that unites these two approaches in the twenty-first century is that both found their way into integrating modern psychological treatment approaches based on the cognitive-behavioral method.

But as Marcus Aurelius the stoic emperor said: “People should not be giving lectures on facebook!” So join us for a fun evening at Cafe Shapira for an introduction to Stoic philosophy. This session will be the first of a series of sessions in which we will practice the practice of Stoic philosophy, which is intended to inculcate Stoic insights and approaches. Join us for a path to mental development according to an ancient recipe that survives the era of the great Greek philosophers.

Lecturer: Dr. Omer Tzuk, physicist, philosopher, editor of Humanist Magazine, and producer of secular humanist philosophy and secular humanist thought.

The event is free

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