Wed 29 August 2018 | 9:30 pm - 11:59 pm
Radio EPGB - Shadal Street 7, Tel Aviv,

Hey kids,
Memba ‘Vini Vicious? You memba ‘?

Six months ago, we announced that we were looking for the most live drummer
That we could find, and after three months in which we were locked together in a rehearsal room
With a built-in sweat smell,
We can introduce to the world
The Shalev Vered A.K.A Peace,
The craziest drummer we’ve ever met!

So what do Father do?
We arrive with a full of new songs and a single that has died out,
Glitter overalls and a five pound hammer in your hands,
The radio will take care of Leviev and Bar-Mosel and intoxicating (there’s an hour of joy ahead)
And you?
You guys …. just make sure to be there.

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