Wed 4 September 2019 | 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
TEDER.FM - Jaffa Road, 9, Tel Aviv,

TEDER and Ballantine’s True Music Space are proud to present >>

☆☆ Victoria Hannah ☆☆ Master Class ☆☆
~ Master Class with International Voice Artist! ~

4.9 | 21:00 | Balloons True Music Space

~ ~ ~ Attention ~ ~ ~
* * * Free entry based on availability! * * *

☆ ☆ ☆

What is the connection between hip-hop and acceptance and mysticism?
Why is it that the mouth is actually a musical instrument?
Is it possible to touch the body through our voice?

On September 4.9> Meet Face-to-Face and Dive Behind the Scenes of the Nature Phenomenon That Name Victoria Victoria – How to Have an Everyday Relationship with the Human Voice and How Every Word That Comes Out of Our Mouth is nothing less than crazy sound alchemy ~

Victoria Hannah is a cross-border singer, composer and voice artist. In her work, she explores the expanses of human voice and its boundaries, in sound and language. Much of her work is inspired by ancient Hebrew texts, such as the Zohar, the Book of Creation and the Song of Songs, and the study of Hebrew letters as raw material – ultrasonic – the artistic space in which Victoria Hannah engages in contrasts, creating a tension between ancient traditions, which relate to mouth and voice as a creator, to the world. Rap, hip-hop, and cutting-edge electronic music ~

* * * Free admission based on free space! * * *

Ballantine’s True Music Space
Beit Romano | Jaffa Road 9 | Second Floor

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