Fri 24 August 2018 | 12:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Papaito - Derech Salame 29, Tel Aviv, FREE

Ahoy and Namaste! We missed! We renewed our forces and returned to Israel from the festival season in Europe, in preparation for our favorite festival – Ba Li Tali, which will be held soon. What awaits us this time? Well, the joys you asked!

On the noise – the veteran and legendary producer and musician Laroz Camel Rider will come to us for the first time and give a long set of 3 hours that will take you to other worlds with caressing ethnic sounds and electrons and grooves as only Roz knows.

In front of him will come up DJ House of the legendary northern stretch Trumpeldov with ethnic and Oriental fusion.

Live performance by Itamar Judah Kl├╝ger The talented demon will be scrapped on a variety of ethnic instruments accompanied by the crazy belly dancer Ella Greenbaum! celebration!

About the food – Mama Lina comes to me with an organic vegan kitchen with an authentic Indian flavor: samosas, pakoras, fani pori, momo, tali terrific, desserts raw, chai and more … Come hungry! Something delicious to fear.

About the contents:
The yoga class is open to the general public with Alina Grishpon, helps flexibility, develops physical and mental strength, stretches muscles, concentrates stress and anxiety, and finds inner peace. Come and open the weekend with other energies Quiet in the heart of the storm – Yoga with Alina Grinshpon

Acro-Yoga Class with Master Gil Backman, one of the best in the field of aviation, Join us for a fascinating and enjoyable practice of stretching, strengthening, releasing and teamwork in the wonderful world of Acro Yoga Blans, and discover that everyone can fly!

Cam Diddy, Luke Mae Shop! Manny Manny Tinges (Ostrich Stalls)

How we love Yara Shaked has been half our closet is hers. Yara comes from the far north with the most beautiful clothes made from the most pleasant fabrics. That’s just how it is. Yara-design clothes

For the first time at the fair – bag bags in personal design and sewing by Liat Shir Hen
The designs at the fair will focus on the concept of India and special ethnic designs.

The Papaito is our home for the last two years. It is one of the oldest bars in the city, with luxurious rehearsal rooms and a huge area divided into an air-conditioned concert area inside, and a shaded outdoor patio, lined with workshop mattresses, and equipped with lots of sofas, tables and chairs. All wrapped in the sound of the best of the country, along with a rich alcohol menu.

We meet on Friday 24.8 from 11:30 on the way to Shlomo 29 (it is recommended to park at the Eliflet parking lot) until 12:30. Admission is free! Then donate 15 NIS modest to cover costs (including free entrance to all workshops and performances!)

By the way, just today we landed in Israel, so more information about the fair will be published gradually, but from now on we will tell you that there will be madness, that you do not want to miss it, and that we will see you very soon. You can contact us with details about stalls (vegan only, food and food) for an exact line, times and more stalls.

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