Tue 4 December 2018 | 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Atar - Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv,

This year the festival opens a wide range of activities in Old Jaffa

These are the events of Utopia in Old Jaffa on Tuesday (one evening filled with one card)
// 17:00 PM – 01:00 PM //
“The Story of the Future” – Lectures, Meetings and Talks on Writing the Future / Professional Lectures on Animation and Effects // Art Exhibition And VR // Ambience and Inspiration

Jaffa Theater // Mamveh Shlomo Promenade 10:

18:00 // Marathon of short films, science fiction and Israeli horror (89 min)
Will be screened: Ra’anan Fogel and Dor Samara, Unravi Idan Melchior and Daniel Siton, chorus Kolanit Tayar, double consciousness Tomer Weinberg, who dreamed Odia Rosenak, Simulakra Jonathan Smilgor and Daniel Shuali

19:45 // “Ad Vitam” – premiere for a TV series
(2 episodes of the series will be screened) – 108 min

The Movie – Zoe Zoe
Ian McGregor and Lea Sido in a romantic science fiction drama with echoes of “eternal sun in a clear mind” and “she”. A scientist works in a company that makes various supplements and aids for intimacy – from pills that evoke the first sense of love, to robots that give a sense of intimacy and closeness better than any human being can give. (104 min, English with Hebrew subtitles)

The Old Jaffa Visitors Center // Kedumim Square:

19:00 / The world of Ptab – A travel warning for the beginning player
He is the hero of the original computer games series named after him. The two brothers, Renard and Roi Gluzman, were the first to develop original adventure games in Hebrew. The games they created, in the ratings programs (1996) and Peep (1999-2003), are seen as a milestone in the Israeli digital culture, cult and saman of the 1990s. The games will be characterized by colorful content and surreal humor that are not usually found in computer games. In preparation for the coming comeback, the brothers will hold an artist workshop to explain what they think has transformed the virtual world they created into a compelling and cohesive audience for the community of actors and an endless source of clients for mental health services. More on the table: a bottle of mineral water, an ornamental plant, a postcard of donkeys, and exclusive exposure of some of the planned in the next generation “peep”.

20:00 // Intimake – Intimacy and Technology

“Site” – Program for the New Artist’s Residence at the Jaffa Museum // The Bay of Solomon’s Promenade 10:

19:45 // Seminar on “The Story of the Future” // Encounter and talk about writing the future.
Among the participants: Peter Watts (science fiction writer, Blind Eyes), Colin Trevaro (film director, Jurassic World), Aya Korem (musician, 2023), Mushon Zer-Aviv (designer, “)

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