Thu 29 March 2018 | 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Gan Hachasmal Neighborhood - Gan Hachashmal, Tel Aviv,


Business and public spaces in the Gan HaHashmal neighborhood break a routine and invite you to wander through dozens of workshops and yoga, meditation and Mindfulness exercises for the whole family

<March 29, 2019>
<8: 00-18: 00>
In the Gan Hachashmal in Tel Aviv
<For the whole family and suitable for everyone>

<2: What will we have <>

מ A selection of yoga and meditation workshops led by senior Israeli teachers
מנ Leading Mindplanes instructors in Israel
פעילויות Yoga and music activities for the whole family
מת Treatment area – urban massage.
מת Traditional Indian food – Abraham Hostel Tel Aviv
ה Benefits in the neighborhood businesses.
ח Free for families! Throughout the day there will be free yoga and music activities for the whole family in Gan HaSharon (Gan HaHashmal).

A special experience that will be preserved in your heart for a long time

<2: Why Urban <>
The idea was to take the practice out of the classic studio and bring it to the street for a day of wandering around and connecting the business owners and the public space of the Gan HaHashmal neighborhood in Tel Aviv.
The understanding that yoga and mindfulness are present everywhere, and therefore we consider it important that people from the city practice in spaces like a public shelter, a patio of a residential building, a roof of a hostel, a playground and more.

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