Wed 21 March 2018 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Beit Kandinof - Hatzofim 14, Tel Aviv,

Opening March 21 @20:00
UNDER-COVER: solo exhibition by Jonathan Goldman

Jonathan Goldman is a Tel Aviv based interdsciplinary artist whose works range from Video, instillation, painting, and sculpture.

For his ‘Undercover’ series, Goldman keeps his material use simple. By only using magazine articles and a ball point pen he creates powerful collages that tackle a difficult subject in a simple and elegant way.

“The project started in New York, having too much time to “burn” on the metro, While I was

sitting, speaking on the phone, holding the pen in my hand and looking down at the fashion

adds in the magazine.

This is how it started.”

“Buying fashion magazines is something that I always do when in airports, this is one of those

rituals that we humans create for specific situations, this is my airport ritual.“

“We live in very exceptional times, that when looking at the future there are so many different

scenarios that are possible. we need to take into consideration that anything might and could


Most of Goldman’s projects are very conceptual: if it’s a video art, a sculpture or an installation.

As the artist mentions: ”sometimes a text is needed in order to fully understand what stands

behind the artwork, although I personally believe in allowing the viewer to find his own

interpretation of the story.

This current series of works titled “UNDERCOVER“ is one of those projects that no extra words in order to understand the message behind the work.

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