Wed 17 April 2019 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Hangar 11 - יורדי הסירה 1, Tel Aviv,

Canadian band Mark Martel and the Ultimate Queen Exprience has confirmed that he will arrive in Israel for a concert on April 17 at Hangar 11 in Tel Aviv!

Mark Martel has become a network phenomenon in recent years due to the video audition he made to be accepted to the composition of the British cabins of the Queen, which performed their song “Sombody To Love” with an amazing vocal external imagination of the singer Queen Freddie Mercury.
Since then, he has become a favorite among the band’s fans, while his performance for the band’s songs has received enthusiastic reactions around the world and guest appearances in programs such as Alan DeGeneres, DeWise, and many others. One of them has even made Celine Dion, Astonished at his astonishing resemblance to Mercury’s voice.
Last year, Martel was hired by the remaining Queen band to sing Mercury’s singing roles in the film “The Rhapsody of Bohemia”, which was made on the history of the band and on Mercury’s life, and most of the performance in the studio and live shows is actually Martel’s.
The film has become a huge commercial and artistic success, both in the world and in Israel, making Martel a superstar that appears in recent years around the world with the Ultimate Queen Exprience in a set that includes all the great hits of the band.
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