Tue 15 August 2017 | 9:00 pm
Suzanne Dellal - Neve Tsedek, Tel Aviv, 90 NIS +

In August 15-16 2017 the Yasmeen Godder Company will premiere “Two Playful Pink”- a groundbreaking female duet from 20013 which has won Godder extensive international acclaim and launched her career. The duet originally created and performed by Yasmeen Godder and her well known collaborator Iris Erez, is restaged with two powerful performers: Dor Frank and Francesca Foscarini.

In “Two Playful Pink” two women respond to the constant gaze that inspects them. Being looked at, examined, and living up to the expectation, where the body operates as a social tool, they develop a relationship between them. Inspired by surreal imagery and pop energy, the three different sections present different aspects of the female body and psyche, exposing a refreshing language: mysterious, funny and disturbing all at once.

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“a disturbing piece about the many shapes into which women are pressed to conform. .. Inventive and sometimes disconcerting use of voice and some rather tortuous facial acrobatics provide the emotional fuel, but not at the expense of movement. Godder and her partner Iris Erez are a formidable team, often stunningly synchronized in their simultaneous solos, quick action breaks and counterbalanced duets. Almost cinematic in texture…”
(Bruce Michelson, DANCE EUROPE)

“…a fist in the stomach, thought provocative, detailed, original, and direct…a powerful experience, a tour de force.”
(Gabi Aldor, Ha’Ir)

As much as Godder questions the male gaze, she also questions the female gaze, and at the same time the fundamental dynamic in the performing arts, that between artist and audience. In the middle of all this bodily, female palpability, “Two playful pink” is raising conceptual questions about the performing arts as a whole. The performance is permeated by intellectual pregnancy and consequentially ends with ironic elegance.
(Örjan Abrahamsson,Dagens Nyheter, The Daily News)

“The audience enjoyed her sense of humor very much, which is so serious that it looks funny… Godder uses deformity as a tool, and works it into a masterpiece – which is insatiable.”
(Merav Yudolevich, YNET)

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