Sun 23 February 2020 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Shevet - Paul Kor 16, Tel Aviv,

Circle of Women🥰

Finally a
reading from the depths of my heart comes to fruition

a long time echoed in me The power of women’s singing and
dives in a feminine, honest, courageous, close, heartfelt

For the last five years I have been a guest and lead in singing circles, often mixed
with healing and excitement
from time to time when a women’s witness happened Gathering together to sing in voices, this power brought waves of compassion to the entire circle ..
I imagined how healing a female circle could resonate outside, to any home, to any social circle ..
How a woman comfortable with her voice envelops her world in presence has a protective effect Self, just congratulations.

For many years I felt that I was the son of
a long and sensitive
Gender healing begins when I am comfortable being with sexual girls, peace home emerges when I attend listening to my sister, something in the walls melts in this encounter, this ..

Jewish women would meet to celebrate together
did not take separation as a punishment but as a right
that there is nothing like dancing with friends
without the need To like or flirt or repel ..

It is a quiet call to discover another dynamic of
interrogating, to love without interest, to make connections that may last forever, to support our internal journeys from the very fact that I am here and seen.
Feel comfortable crying without feeling dramatic
telling the jokes in a judgmentless space, sitting how I feel, feeling without wanting .. Being …

All of these potentials
and this is just the stranger thrown out … First sign of an
unknown encounter, music will hold us space

I trust a Creator of a world that connected women with a rich heart will come to share their gift, whatever, and together, in a circle of listening we will create a pleasant female experience, from which we can outline one step by step that will fill our hearts tenderly ..

The encounter will be at the
Paul Kor 16 tribe in Tel Aviv

Home of inspirational content, riverbathing, singing circles, tribal parties, workshops .. and more.
And more. A

place that acts as a volunteer, an island of sanity in the middle of the Babylon, a place that accompanies me in spiritual and musical growth and I recommend to anyone who does not know
to come and even just to Get to know this sweet spot .. The

entrance will be attended by a recommended NIS 40-60
Come and make a difference

! 🌹 Love you!

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