Thu 12 July 2018 | 9:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Tmuna Theater - Soncino 8, Tel Aviv,

I recorded the album “Knowing All” I recorded from an extreme emotional state of loneliness, a pain of separation, a dissonance from my hopes – all of which became a huge explosion in the recording studio – running around all the instruments as if I existed only in one reality – the work. When I went to work on raising the launch for the album, I knew it would be a challenging task, to add more people to my personal journey to take part in my music expression. I chose with tweezers the musicians who seemed to me the most suitable for the challenge – and the result was a new kind of explosion. Family. The music suddenly took off, and the communication between the musicians in the songs added a depth I had never expected. A real journey that draws the map of itself in the process.

The one-time launch for the album “To Know All”, 10 musicians on one stage, 6 singers, special arrangements for songs from the album. A varied, colorful appearance, full of sophistication and emotion.
Special guest: Arik Aber

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