Thu 24 October 2019 | 10:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Papaito - Derech Salame 29, Tel Aviv,

You’re invited to the most mysterious and naughty recruiting party in town, the Witch Camp celebrates life on Thursday, October 24 at the Papayo Club, which will wear black, sparkly lace and be filled with the atmosphere of witchcraft and smoky incense.

☠ Three tablespoons of wet kissing mucus
☠ A handful of mystery chubby
☠ Five teeth of a teal
☠ Mountain of glasses full of humor
☠ Rotate everything in one big pot of music
☠ Add a radish of radical self-expression and

Yalla we went to the party!

Come and devote yourself to a night of magic, dance in the shadows, roll with black cats, wriggle like snakes and connect with the supernatural strengths.

We’ve compiled you with exciting content full of diverse music and performances, Spokane Ward performances, ceremonies, card openings, hand-readings, fun daring missions between you, fun dances and everything needed to get you (naughty) to open your mouth and utter the word “wow”, like that To penetrate far beyond the aura around the moon.

About the musical miracles: in
Ginjah Vibes
The Red Fusion Red Witch Marina embraces the world, bringing the atmosphere of treble and electric power to a magical journey full of bellowing basses and uplifting bits.

Tal Wollner
Tal lands with us directly from distant Australia, miracles will be performed through sound and boundless tribal atmosphere with heaps of new music he has collected in recent weeks already moving and moving basins.

Gilad Bloom ☽ A
unique Spoken Word show combining R& D , very high-level, and very low-key humor, with abysmal seriousness that together will bring layers of cynicism to you.
And maybe you will be asked questions like why am I here? What is important to me in life? And why did Dumbledore have to die at all? Coming to the show with guitar and texts in all kinds of presentation between speech and poetry, the heart opens in the groove!
Beautiful clip:

☾ Dj Rabbi ☽
Itzik Harel Brenner has been installing, has been gathering eclectic sounds from magical worlds for years and collects them for fun and fun, with a unique sound that touches deep, bouncy and vibrant places The buttocks.
Prepare your feet for a transformational journey on an expansion

☾ Dj Yulia G ☽
Julia lands with us straight from India, with cheeky sounds that move every sorcerer and witch, she will close the party in a playful style, full of greasy bits, edgy trapp with combinations that have yet to be seen, higher and higher.

☾ Vj InLight.Me
Harel not only flies us in Playa with the flying witch’s broom (yes! We have a private and flying plane for you as a Playa gifting), He is also insanely talented and goes on to illuminate and raise his papa in the flames of mystery.

The magic will take place at the Papayahu Club, Selma 29, Tel Aviv.
There is a dance club and a huge, beautiful, vibrant courtyard.
The entrance costs 50 green crickets.
Prepaid with the Paybox app:
If tickets remain they will be sold at event boxes.

Prom is in the spirit of the Ten Principles of the Barn,
so please bring a glass from home, your best sparkly clothes, and your uninhibited being.

Waiting for the brooms, the
The Witches Camp.

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