Sat 31 August 2019 | 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Zappa Ampishuni - Jabotinski Park, Benyamina,

The Tractor Revenge celebrates 30!
Avi Balali – bass, vocals, Galia Chai – viola, Ophir Leibovich – guitar, Roy Yarkoni – keyboards, Aviv Barak – drums.
Guests: Berry Sakharof and members of the original band – Green and Danny Makov.

Zapa Amphi Shoni ✦ Saturday 31.8 ✦ Opening Doors: 19:30 ✦ The beginning of the show: 21:00


The Tractor Revenge, one of the oldest rock bands in Israel, marks 30 years of composition based on rock ‘ A fine roll, in a special and special performance that will be held on August 31 at Amphai Shuni,

will host Berry Sakharof who produced their first album, and the original band members – Green and Danny Makov.

The Tractor’s Revenge began in 1989 in a partnership created between Avi Balali and Green, which began formulating sketches and experiments, while the guideline is accessible and yet different and different. After that, Danny Makov joined the drums and Ophir Leibowitz on the guitars. At that time, Nitzan Zeira founded Nana Disk and stamped the quartet. Fortis visits a lot during the recordings for the first album, offering a quartet without the name “Tractor Revenge” after the song was stolen from his “Stories from the Box”. The band begins with performances and receives outstanding reactions and offers to write music for Batsheva Dance Company. The band composes the music for “Kir” by Ohad Naharin, and in May 1990 the Israel Festival was premiered at one of the highlights of modern dance – “One Who Knows”. At the same time, the debut album titled “Revenge of the Tractor” is released.

Over the years, the band has developed a wide and diverse musical career that includes 9 albums (including a lyrical album), performances of various kinds and unique collaborations that have produced songs that have left their mark on Israeli culture and have established their status as an Israeli rock band and as a different and unexpected artistic band that combines music, dance, And theater.

For the first time, they come to a unique, energetic and exciting evening with their greatest hits of all time: a game of tears, Adon Haselichot, she, one who knows, wanders to you, development jungle, bicycle and book, talk to me, kites, All that remains is to run around, what to my lover, flat screens and many more.

Balali: “We did not dream that thirty years later we would see a festive performance, three decades of activity and involvement in the Israeli dance and film world, and nine albums that offer a different flavor to Israeli rock. The original band, we close a circle and return to the point where we started the road 30 years ago. “We are very excited and look forward to this show.”

Photo: Eldad Refaeli
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