Mon 29 July 2019 | 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Dizzy Frishdon - Dizengoff 112, Tel Aviv,

Deloitte’s start-up program LA Fusion and Start-Up Actresses invite you to a Stirlinging workshop for business owners, self-employed and entrepreneurs. The workshop is moderated by Shoah (Joshua) Eliavzen, a serial entrepreneur and strategic consultant for Deloitte’s start-up practice. The event will take place on 29.7.2019 (Monday) from 19:00 to 21:00 at Dizi Frishdon (Dizengoff 121, Tel Aviv).

********** In the local start-up industry, young companies compete for their attention Of investors and customers. The market is “flooded” with various value propositions, thus making it possible for entrepreneurs and business owners to tell a good story, a significant tool in communicating messages and doing business successfully.

In the realignment workshop, Shaw will present real-life examples of companies and businesses that have adapted and changed the way they told their story – and thus have a significant impact on their performance and performance. In addition, Xu will demonstrate a number of practices and give a number of tips that will help each entrepreneur and entrepreneur to better tell the story of their business.

At the end of the workshop, we will allow a number of entrepreneurs / start-ups to present their project to the audience and receive feedback.

Sho (Yehoshua) Eliavzen is a serial entrepreneur and strategic consultant with more than 20 years of experience in escorting start-ups in the course of capital raising rounds, building go-to-market strategy and developing. Through his expertise and technological understanding in a variety of sectors, Shaw manages to emphasize and increase the value of companies and successfully lead them toward exit, issuance or capital raising.

Event partners:
(** LA LA **)
Fusion L Is the first acceleration program for Israeli start-ups in Los Angeles. Our vision is to serve as the bridge between Israel’s innovation industry and Los Angeles, the third largest eco-system in the United States (after San Francisco and New York) and the most growing in recent years.

Every six months, Fusion brings a cycle of 5-6 Israeli start-ups to a three-month program in Los Angeles, including branding and marketing assistance, business development and venture capital-raising, in which Israeli entrepreneurs meet leading figures in Eco- Including investors, senior executives and innovation managers in acceleration programs and corporations, entrepreneurs and professionals.

(Deloitte Catalyst **) Deloitte Catalyst **)
Deloitte Catalyst’s (formerly ITT) start-up practices connect the start-up – the leading partners in Israel and the global market by connecting them with Deloitte’s large customers from around the world. The practice provides business-financial services to start-ups and entrepreneurs, with constant accompaniment throughout the project. The uniqueness of the practice is its ability to leverage for the start-ups, Deloitte’s diverse, sectoral and technological expertise as well as global knowledge and experience. Whether it is a start-up startup or an accelerated growth company, the practice specializes in customizing the right guidance to help achieve business goals.

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