Tue 4 September 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Brodt Tel Aviv - Zeitlin 22, Tel Aviv,

A special show in the framework of the project opened a gate at the Brodet Center for the month of Selichot

The music of Daniela Spector is characterized by a delicate and poetic introspection that illuminates the delicate journey of the bird of the soul within the complex modern space. Daniela’s writing is also unique in the secular interpretation that she gives to biblical motifs (Jonah, Abraham), which joins and strengthens the existential depth that her work accumulates.
Erez Nir is a rabbi, philosopher and cultural researcher, who teaches academically in the philosophical study of imagination and the space of values ​​in the modern world. His interpretive and exegesis dialogue with Daniela Spector and her poems create a new and fascinating Talmudic discussion on the question of forgiveness and its source.

In the evening, which is a real dialogue, and between music and thought, creation and demand, we will examine the source of forgiveness – where does this power come from, in our souls, to receive and forgive? And more.

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