Thu 28 February 2019 | 10:59 pm - 11:59 pm
Duplex Club - 10 HaShakh Street, Tel Aviv,

They shall be wild, and wicked, and free.
and they will rise in the morning with a tail.
And they shall rejoice.
And they will post on our wall and they will thank us with great energy and they ask if someone found a brown furry coat?

The Pirates are back to break the walls, open the cages and set all the animals free for our most wild event so far.  3 Stages 11 DJ’s, a bunch of tails, many noses and packs of fluffy ears and tons of animals.
We are fulfilling many of your thoughts and dreams so stop being a Gen Xer for two minutes, read it all and start to think what is your party animal.

The Fantastic Beasts of Challenge Accepted Camp are going to do their thing and hold games and activities. Pirates and mammals are going to roam the crowd, and meet the groups of the same animals to find the true animal instinct within you. We will select games based on your costume ideas so click GOING to keep posted.

Animal Lottery – you can support real animals by adding 10 NIS to your ticket, 75% of the money will be donated to an animal charity and 25% will be drawn back as a big stupid prize to the lucky winner!
Consent – No means no, Maybe means no, Silence means no. Hope you’ll hear YES YES YES! If someone challenges your consent we will show him where the exit is.

Dirty money – (watch it on Netflix) The event is voluntary, all of the profits will be donated to the Midburn Pirates and will come back to you as pure fun and music in the future, again and again.
10 Midburn principals – the is a midburn event in the spirit of the 10 principles of midburn. You are all welcome, full explanation in the link inside the tickets link.

Participation – You are also taking an active part in this party, you need to put on your animal spirit! (costume as well). There will be a VIP line for animals and a different slow line for boring humans.

Thu, 28/2
23:00, 22+
HaShah St 10, TLV

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