Wed 24 July 2019 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Studio 207 - HaThiya 14, Tel Aviv,

Launch event of “next”; Trendy book Adi Yoffe:

4 lectures on the future * abundance of alcohol * abundance of food * music *


> 20:00:
> opening doors
> 21: 00:
> Adi’s lecture: The method to predict trends in the troubled world
> 3 experts who will talk about the next thing in their field
> Book with a personal dedication TA

Cost per ticket: 170 NIS
** ****************************************

Experts will talk about the next thing in their field:
> Tzahi Dinar, Head of Design Digital in HIT on the next thing in shaping our digital life in an age where we buy without looking
Yafit Efrat, entrepreneur and manager of The Lion and the Rooster, a social venture, about the next thing in social activity in an age where we live without people

Cost of a ticket 170 Ticket


First of all, toss your belly:

Drink free: Open alcohol bar: * Exciting cocktails of summer * White and red wine * Local beers and imports *

Eating free: roast sirloin and pastrami * plenty of vegetables * dips and potatoes bonfire * summer fruit bar

after that tossing the head:

> Adi Yoffe’s lecture: how to predict trends in a distorted world (45 minutes)
> 3 expert Who will talk about the next thing in their field of

experts who will talk about the next thing in their field:
(15 min)

> Oded Vanunu, head of research on weaknesses in Check Point products on the next thing in cyber in an age when we decide without thinking ( 15 min)

> Yafit Efrat, entrepreneur and director of Lion and Htrngol”, social enterprise, the next thing in social era in which we live without men (15 minutes)

>> book Fetch – method for predicting global trends Msobs” <<

if We had a life cycle of a butterfly we would move from stage to stage with absolute certainty. That’s how nature wanted it. But we are not butterflies, we are people who live in a challenging time.

How much we would like to know what the next step is – as human beings, entrepreneurs, business owners, employees, what is the next trend, what is next. But our world is changing at a higher speed than ever, the possibilities are too many, and our ability to predict the next thing is diminishing.

The book “Next” offers for the first time in Israel a method, a structured and organized process by which you can look at the reality around you, to ascertain the significance of social, political, economic and technological phenomena.

To order the book:

Adi Yoffe

Adi Yoffe has been involved in business futurism and transdisciplinary for more than a decade, and teaches at the School of Business Administration at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. In her predictions she predicted the minimum consumption, the metaphoric return to the caves and the synthesis that now appears in every area of ​​our lives.

Adi is one of the pioneers in Israel, working according to the accepted methodologies in the world and providing services to the largest companies and organizations in the economy.

Its annual report is always the headlines and serves as a tool for anyone thinking about the future

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