Thu 22 March 2018 | 9:45 am - 11:00 am
Google Campus Tel Aviv - Electra Tower, Yigal Alon 98, Tel Aviv,


How does Google work? How can your friend or colleague or friend browse a Website you developed on her computer? Where does Facebook save your data after you close the browser?

In this talk we’ll present an overview of how the Internet works and what happens behind the scenes between the time you enter an address in your browser and until the page loads and all the data is displayed.

No prior knowledge is required.

Dina Goldshtein has recently started working at Google as a Software Engineer. Previously, she was a Senior Software Engineer at Riverbed. Riverbed builds performance monitoring tools that run on millions of PCs and mobile devices. Dina was on the team responsible for the core collection mechanism, which hooks low-level Windows events and collects performance information from a variety of sources. During her time at Riverbed, she worked a lot on boot performance monitoring, identifying bottlenecks in the Windows boot process and on monitoring user-experience on the Web.

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