Fri 8 March 2019 | 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
HaMezeg - Ibn Gvirol 151, Tel Aviv,

This is a very exciting story about the connection of humus and friends.
It started 3 years ago that a wandering boy named Maoz started preparing hummus and conquered South America.
It grew and dozens became hundreds.
The wandering young man arrived in the city of Tel Aviv, with the help of the contractor Schultz, who entered the bar and started the girls of Tel Aviv.
On the other side of the coin are both Rea and Attias, both responsible for some of the best parties in the city and also outside. And so the wonderful group was formed.
Decided to do something and enter the neighborhood’s most cool bar in the area – bar temperament.
So they’re excited to invite you to celebrate the most special of the year with the promise.
Hummus, milbi, atmosphere and more.

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