Fri 5 October 2018 | 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Kikar Rabin - Ibn Gvirol, Tel Aviv,

This is the sixth year in which we will mark the annual identification day with animals in the traditional representative markets, where we will stand in silence and hold signs with words that symbolize the struggle for their liberation and the pursuit of justice for them.
This year, we return to the traditional and shaky representative, where we will stand in white shirts, in silence, for about 30 minutes and identify with the animals in the farms, in Rabin Square.

They came to stand with us and raise signs of identification with the billions of animals whose lives are cruelly taken away in industrialized economies every year: justice, compassion, veganism, choice, freedom, responsibility, life, mercy, rights, identification. The words will be in different languages, because the struggle for the liberation of animals is common to each and every one of us.

The representative will take place on the plaza of Rabin Square. The gathering is at 11:00 and the representative will begin at 11:30 sharp.
You are invited to make an early impression of the various organizations that will be located in the compound. Activists will distribute the signs and a briefing will be given. In the show everyone wears white shirts!

The day of identification was founded by Dr. Alex Hersheft, chairman of the Movement for Animal Welfare, 34 years ago, and chose the date of Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday (2.10) Today, over 30 countries mark this day, The Israelis are a great inspiration for activists in other countries.
We will not restrain ourselves on the cruel industry, which takes the identity and rights of animals, exploits them as if they were inanimate objects, to the point of maximum economic exploitation. We will continue to act for them, to recognize the horrors and to convey an unequivocal message to the public; We demand and require change!

Pay attention – to represent specific signs that we will use as every year, so we ask you not to bring personal signs. Also, in light of the quiet and silent stand, we would like to leave pets in the houses. Standing is continuous so they have a personal water bottle.

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