Sun 24 December 2017 | 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Khan Nahal Arava - Hazeva, Israel, From 285 NIS

We are brewing a new creation for you
we took the 4 days Cosmic Lovers Gathering
connected with 3 wonderful facilitators
added the serinity and beauty
of the desert and spiced it with great vibe
and so we gave life to
“The Cosmic Lovers Journey”
Seven days of play and inquiry
Three days of deep dive into the heart of sacred sexuality in an intimate group, plus
Four days freely weaving into the Cosmic Lovers Gathering.

The four days Cosmic Lovers Gathering is a meaningful gathering for current exploration of sexuality.
the Gathering focuses conscious sexuality, health erotic communication, peace between the sexes and the connection of pleasure and shamanism.
You will have the chance to work with some of the top local and international instructors.

The Cosmic lovers Journey adds three days to the Cosmic Lovers gathering, and turns it into a week long experience.

A small intimate group of people will embark a sacred journey towards life of full authenticity and empowering erotic expression. We will dive deep into our very core and uncrumple patterns of fear guilt and shame. A window for awakening, and sublimating old paradigms into a new inquiry of sexual and erotic awareness, sparking creativity, freedom on a path of conscious living.

Two inspirational facilitators, Michael Finkel and Amber Ra will facilitate this weeklong journey and will be joined by the amazing Avishag Zloof and later, by the awesome instructors team of the Cosmic Lovers Gathering- Desert Love Nights.

A fresh current venture into the world of aware-sacred sexuality.

?Would you like to empower your sexuality
?Do you desire a deeper connection and intimicy
?Are you facinated by the connection of sex and spirit

!Your place is with us

On the last week of December we will gather to celebrate life in an intimate journey, 30 people, facilitated by Michael and Amber- two capbale teachers with rich experience in the field of sexual inquiry.
the first 2 days we will create our container and fill it with workshops, powerful connections, dance and sacred rituals being held by the beautiful desert. on the 3rd day will be joined by Avishag to deepen into sexual shamanism. on the 4th day the group will create the fire alter- the energetic center of the Gathering to come, with Mayatri and her team of fire keepers
followed by 3 days of free movement in the Cosmic Lovers Gathering.

During the Gathering we will maintain the container of The Journey, a group sleeping space and daily circles with Michael and Amber. on the last day of the gathering we will come together to integrate and close The Journey and setting intentions.

This is a valuable invitation for both newcomers and veterans.
If you have been in the Gathering before- An opportunity to deepen your work, and go on this adventure as part of a group process.
For those of you new to the Gathering- An opportunity to go through a unique experience held with presence and attention. receive the most potent transmissions of the most current teachings of conscious sexuality. led by two daring experienced facilitators
.Soul Birth Khan, Arava desert, Israel

:Tuition fee
2850nis/810$ early price by 25/11
3250nis/920$ early price by 9/12
3550nis/1010$ early price by 19/12
3850nis/1090$ last price
Included in the price, sleeping is in a warmed beduin tent, matres is given, bring your sleeping gear
Three meals per day for three days of The Journey are included, for the gathering you get a voucher of 250nis to spent as you like, additins can be bought on site
:Tickets and info

:The facilitators

:Michael Finkel
Aerial circus acrobat, director, Tango dancer and teacher, produces and Dj of “Street Tango TLV”, teaches “Connective comunication” and ” Erotic Connective Communication”, Vipasana man, co creator of the Artemple tribe- A love, Eros and intimicy labratory, explores and teaches concious sexuality, body-mind-emotions attention and trance through movement. Lacota fire keepeer, single father, writer and philospopher,

:Amber Ra
Explorer, student and practitionair of awarness and healing, occult and spiritual practices, shamanism and concious sexuality as tools of empowerment.
Transmissive tantric astrologer.
teaches body work, energy and movement, using tools and techniques from various worlds.
Academic scholar
Facilitates and suppots sacred spaces and deep shamanic journies worldwide.
Apprentice faculty of ISTA

:Avishag Maya Zloof
Facilitates workshops dealing with sexuality, intimacy and relationships. She works with groups, couples and women guiding people towards an empowered, joyful and vibrant connection to their sexuallity. She is the founder of “In a woman’s body” which trains women to facilitate women circles on sexuallity. She teaches the Fertility Awareness Method, online and in groups, which instructs women to naturally attain or .prevent pregnancy

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