Sun 2 September 2018 | 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Artspace - Shvil Hameretz 6, Tel Aviv,

The Blank presents The Blank TR Pavilion, curated by Claudia Santeroni and Olga Vanoncini. The event will take place on Sunday 2, Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 September 2018 during Beyond Words, a video and performance festival curated by Liliana Orbach and hosted by Artspace Tel Aviv, Shvil HaMeretz 6.
The Blank TR Pavilion is sposored by IIC – Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Tel Aviv.

Three days of talks, workshops, performances around the theme of communication.

Day 1: Sunday 2 September 2018
• 17.30–19.00: Screening “Focus on Flavia Mastrella” – Lecturer: Claudia Santeroni
• 19.00–20.00: Workshop “Crossing the Blue/Live” – Conductor: Olga Vanoncini
• 20.00–21.30: Screening “Focus on Hanne Lippard” – Lecturer: Claudia Santeroni
• Ongoing: happening and exhibition

Day 2: Monday 3 September 2018
• 17.00-18.00: Workshop con bambini e genitori “Design and create your own letter writing set” – Conductor: Olga Vanoncini
• 18.00-19.00: talk “Where is my message? – About being in between” with Olga Vanoncini and Fiammetta Martegani.
• 19.00-19.30: Performance “A final performance of a fax machine before it disappears” of the artist Reut Asimini
• Ongoing: happening and exhibition

Day 3: Tuesday 4 September 2018
• 18.00-19.30: Screening “Focus on Enrico Boccioletti” – Lecturer: Claudia Santeroni
• 19.30-20.00: Presentation: “Sound as transit message” – Conductor: Hagit Emma Werner
• 20.30-22.00: live performance of the artist Yonatan Rukhman
• Beyond Words party
• Ongoing: happening and exhibition


Beyond Words – An international video and performance event
Created and curated by Dr. Liliana Orbach
Beyond Words focuses on the points of contact between the two means of expression, aiming to measure the degree of effectiveness, success or failure in communicating the desired content. Beyond Words seeks for the ways in which creators from different backgrounds manipulate the written/sounding word within the visual language, as a way to reach the world around them.

Artspace Tel Aviv is a non-profit foundation, bringing together dozens of artists who work in a unique area, located in southern Tel-Aviv, consisting of a remarkable concentration of approximately 300 active artists who work in the neighborhood, as well as many art galleries located there. The foundation operates as a gallery with a pluralistic approach, that holds dozens of exhibitions, artist walls, lectures, cultural events and more.

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