Thu 7 June 2018 - Sat 9 June 2018 | 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Givat Haviva - Givat Haviva, Ma'anit Secretariat,

The Israel Yoga Festival is underway for the third time!

The festival, which grew up to be the largest and most comprehensive yoga convention in Israel, opens its doors again and invites you to it for three days of transcendence within a sacred space devoted entirely to yoga, its different currents, faces, colors and shades.

You are invited to come to experience, experience, learn, and study with over 80 of the leading Yoga teachers in Israel. They will study in 13 different fields, with more than 1000 practitioners and practitioners gathering from all over the country for three days.

The yoga community gathers on a green campus that becomes a spacious, lively yoga village with exciting music performances, spontaneous events and major events that make it all a holiday of yoga, a powerful and moving experience that resonates deeply in and out.

In the first two years of its existence, the festival broke through, laid foundations and touched quite a few people, creating a new tradition that takes place once a year and only began to show its potential.

The music, the lessons, the events, the time of everyone together in one space, the encounters between the people, everyone who felt that something big and meaningful happened, are very excited to return for the third time.

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