Thu 6 June 2019 | 11:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Duplex Club - 10 HaShakh Street, Tel Aviv,

Temple Of Love-Famnisha Feast Festival
6/6 Thursday 23.00

Entrance permits for the Templar parties are given after weighting of ages and gender in order to give the best in terms of the weave of the crowd and considerations of the best of the party are the concluding factor

Dear friends !!!

Prepare to prepare for the Festival of the Feminine Spring in the best tradition, Shavuot A Roman feast, sensual and wild celebration !!

Ancient kings of the Near East were held in celebration when the celebrants are not settlements but are seated on couches custom symbolized luxury and luxury custom copied to ancient Greece and later courage among the wider layers had the wealth and leisure to engage in this activity, ancient Rome adopted this custom banquet halls were placed huge sofas on which they relaxed Celebrating the banqueting tables were tables full of all good, the feasts were characterized by excessive drinking in the gluttony of wealth and happiness, a display of beautiful men and women and a wild and colorful erotic nature,
Feminee also adopted this custom and we have done it for the third year !!

Once a year in this spring celebration, before the Shavuot holiday, the Temple was held a little different

then white and spring colors. Spacious and comfortable sofas throughout the club will be !!! Eroticism and sensuality always !!! Women and men beautiful looking and how !!! Alcohol is probably kingpin !!!!
The Temple will envelop you with blessings and exact rigidity just as we love and know and you are invited to another amazing and crazy event from the Feminista House

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