Thu 4 July 2019 | 11:00 pm
Duplex Club - 10 HaShakh Street, Tel Aviv,

You have already learned that we have no promises without coverage or compromises on the trivial content of the Temple here and for you to fulfill your freedom to be who you are because life is sometimes a one-minute meeting

We are here to celebrate life itself with Continuing missions to the subconscious that aspires to true freedom Breakthrough boundaries and conform to the conventions Famnisha group proudly presents Temple of Love -Bacchanalians

Temple of Love -Bacchanalians This is a Roman festival in honor of the god of wine in Bacchus characterized by the release of passions, drinking for rent, creative freedom, dancing and
reveling. A wild and sensual celebration A fabulous and surprising night.
Pan has been violated garb for the occasion, nymphs gather flowers and herbs potions that will bring you passion, clubs, night bathing in the lust shining from now under the cloak that protects the religious practice

on the second floor of the party central
third floor compound for couples Play rum dark atmosphere and intimate with a variety of treats
this night everyone Joy AP


Neta X Liad
Ido Morali

Erotic Art Temple performers arts Hypnotizing iconic elegant clothing for men and sexy women in black pants Lgbrm duty !!! Unusual and crazy dress will be welcomed by Greek Roman Toga and what is in between, jeans and daily wear, black, vinyl, leather, colorful, Browningman, glam, gothic etc. will not be allowed in a dress that does not respect the event. In advance,

masks will be distributed at the entrance !!!

Photography is prohibited in all parts of the club must be kept private audience participants

entry permits parties Temple are after weighing ages and gender to give the best in terms of the fabric of public and concerns the good of the party are the concluding maintaining personal space, the entrance to the compounds is for couples and women only touch the participant with no desire keep the privacy and comfort of participants at the event violators will be banned permanently at a party Fmnish, our staff is available and turned to give an answer if needed

note of the party this time is on the second floor and the third duplex

beginning at 23:00 will open the gates of the temple


marking your participation does not grant entry to a party approval Posted a return email from us can be

cost entry presale 160 couple
90 pieces) man)
70 unit (woman)
pot incident evening Couple 180
100 chess togetherness

Club Street duplex rental 10


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