Sun 3 December 2017 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Gordon Beach - Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv,

The next full moon will be the Cold Moon, and will peak this Sunday, Dec. 3., it will also be the first and last “supermoon” of 2017.

On December 3rd I invite you all to gather on the beach of Tel aviv and run together as a wolf pack. The goal of this exercise is NOT a workout and is NOT a marathon.

It is an exercise to Release and express yourself.
There will be no communication with each other besides sounds, and howling. You will run at your own pace and in your own space.

A wolf pack is a group of wolves that live, feed, and travel together as a family group. I invite you to join this family and experience the animal within you , putting aside the modern human for an hour.

For the purpose of this exercicse and to keep it’s mysteries , you will get more information and explanation on the spot before the run.

The full moon, with its intense amount of energy, is a good time for releasing and manifesting. It is important to take action, harness this powerful energy and make use of it in a positive way.

Take this time to let go and cleanse. Purge things that no longer serve you, release yourself from old attitudes or thoughts that block you from being your best self. If you are feeling stuck in and having difficulty on moving towards your goals, use this opportunity to tap into the full moon’s energy to bring back growth into your life.

Remember that the full moon in its luminescence and brightest phase brings immense energy and amplifies whatever it is that you are thinking, feeling or doing.


-warm clothes
– an object that is important to you but not with a lot of value because you will throw it away! it can be anything 🙂


– Sports clothing preferably a short
– a small backpack

This is a public and free event, spread the word and please confirm attendance .

Thank you and see you on playa Gordon.

Thanks to Rosemary Dream for making me discover this beautiful exercise

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