Sat 1 December 2018 - Thu 6 December 2018 | 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm
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The Tel Aviv Poetry Festival, which has been in existence for the fourth year in a row, began as an independent, avant-garde initiative and lacks any means other than the desire to maintain a sovereign literary republic in Israel, whose eyes are not always on the media and whose nose is not permanently attached to those sitting in the Lacanian symposia of literary circles.

We embarked on a belief in the existence of a vibrant community of readers and writers who can not find their place on the axis between the pale gray and the weeping yellow – not in the tedious and dusty culture that presents itself to cheap wine in plastic cups and makes “life” in panels that enjoy sex appeal A group at the community center, but not even at the masquerade masquerade ball, which offers a kitsch of conscience, righteousness and morality, whose sole purpose is to settle in the “correct” position according to fashion and discourse.

And it happened. The Tel Aviv Festival has successfully shown that large audiences in Israel are attracted to poetry, broadening horizons and elevating soul, to art that has the real power of discovery, to poetry as an instrument designed to transcend the everyday idiot. Time after time we have discovered that man’s stage is still fit for experiences, that his mind is still open to ideas, that his life is still burning into answers.

This year, too, the Tel Aviv Poetry Festival invites you to embark on the simultaneous swing that flies on the infinite axis between classic and contemporary, canonical and experimental, global and local. From Teddy Hughes and Edgar Allan Poe, Nathan Alterman and David Avidan, Harold Schimmel and Efrat Mishori, to the most powerful and original voices in young Hebrew poetry, the Tel Aviv 2018 Poetry Festival enlists the past and the future for our present, for the sake of our spiritual existence here and now .

Saturday, 1.12: Ariella in boots

A Night Adventure in the Beit Ariela Library Following the Russian futurists – the revolutionary aestheticists who praised the power, sanctified the struggle and breathed in the lungs of the chimneys of the factories of modern life

With the participation of Tino Moskowitz (the preface to the opera “The Victory over the Sun”), Yefim Rienenberg (“The Cloud in Pants” by Maykowski), Maya and the Russians (” Tel Aviv “- Contemporary Hebrew Futurism)
Spiritual Guide: Ofer Yerushalmi

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