Tue 7 February 2017 | 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
Dov Hoz Community Centre - Dov Hoz 16, Tel Aviv, FREE

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Tel Avir invites you to our special, one-year anniversary featuring a panel with Israel’s most prominent environmental thinkers, graciously hosted by the Iriya at Dov Hoz. The panel will be moderated by Maya Crabtree (Director of Environment and Sustainability, Forum 15). Speakers include:

  • Adv. Alona Sheafer Karo (Energix, Former Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection)
  • Yosef Abramowitz (Energiya Global, Environmental Activist)
  • Prof. Alon Tal (Tel Aviv University, Founder of Israel’s Green Movement and the Arava Institute)

Special thanks to the Iriya for their contribution. The panel will begin promptly at 19:45. We hope you can join us!

Maya Crabtree leads Forum 15’s work on environment and sustainability, with special focus on the fields of climate change, sustainable urban planning, sustainable transport, and green building. Forum 15 is the Israeli Forum for Self-Government Cities. Previously, Maya served as the Deputy Executive Director of Life & Environment, the Israeli Union of Environment NGOs.

Adv. Alona Sheafer (Karo) served as the General Director of the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection from 2011-2013. Currently Adv. Sheafer (Karo) is founding an International joint venture aiming to introduce advanced technologies for soil remediation, to the evolving Israeli market. In addition, Adv. Sheafer serves as a director and as an advisor, to major companies in the energy and infrastructure sector.

Yosef Abramowitz is an American-Israeli human rights activist who is working to save the planet by stopping global warming through a 4 part program that includes: swapping out coal for natural gas, killing diesel for energy generation with renewables, encourage investment in storage and promote EVs. His company, Energiya Global, provides solar power to under-served populations, to fight climate change and promote clean energy for development, with a special emphasis on Africa.

Prof. Alon Tal is a leading environmental activist in Israel who now teaches at Tel Aviv University. He founded Israel’s Green Movement as well as the Arava institute. His research focuses on environmental, water and demographic policy.

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