Sun 7 May 2017 | 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
All over Tel Aviv - Tel Aviv , Tel Aviv, FREE

As a part of TAU INNOVATION CONFERENCE, we’re happy to invite you to TECH TALKS 2017: 15 bars, 15 topics, on the same time around Rothschild blvd, TLV. It’s free and awesome!

Building a startup? Join us for a great meetup about accelerators! Join our great speakers (Dr. Iris Ginzburg and Mr. Guy Katsovich) for an evening of beer and… acceleration!

Location: Flame Bar – Check Out The Event Page On Facebook

Technology and sports: what a great synergy! Discover the innovation that shapes the future of Sports, learn about the the opportunity for disruptive startups in the business of sports​, and more!

Location: Radio EPGB – Check Out The Event Page On Facebook

Technology & Social Impact – Learn from the best on how to create social impact: Join us for a fascinating evening dedicated for making a change: how to craft a social venture, how entrepreneuship can create a real social change, and much more!

Location: Tangier – Check Out The Event Page On Facebook

Fintech & Innovation – What is the future of banking? How big data is used to serve the unbanked? And what about the evolution of Cloud Fintech? Join us for talks by great Fintech experts, such as Miri Zaretsky of KPMG, Bar Israeli of SalesForce and Nir Netzer and Tal Sharon of Fintech-Aviv!

Location: Mindspace – Check Out The Event Page On Facebook

The History, the Present and the Future of VR: A talk by Yonatan Chelouche (VR Product Manager @ Moveo Group and Editor-in-Chief, VRIL). During this fascinating lecture we will review the history, the current trends and the nearby future of VR, enabling everyone to expand their knowledge and their jargon of this fascinating field, as well as enjoy a cool live demonstration of VR abilities today.

Location: Lima Day – Check Out The Event Page On Facebook

How users have become the kings of innovation? A talk by Shachaf Snir (Innovation Business Lead, Amdocs) – Users have seized the reins of power. Rather than existing as passive actors “at the end” of the production line, everyday users are now the ones who actively drive which products and services will be developed from the very beginning of the process. So what has changed? And how should organizations cope? Join this session and find out.

Location: Tailor Made – Check Out The Event Page On Facebook

Future Travel (Cockpit Innovation) – With the agenda that Travel is not a solo vertical, and the future developments will be those who will know to connect other verticals such as AI, Cyber Security, IoT, and such, with the many challenges the travel industry (Travel, Aviation and Aerospace) is facing, Cockpit Innovation will host a special panel to discuss the future of our industry.

Location: Polly – Check Out The Event Page On Facebook

Homeland Security on the bar! Join us for an evening of great talks and speakers, about booming Homeland Security!

Location: Cookies Cream Nightlife – Check Out The Event Page On Facebook

Join us for an awesome evening dedicated for SMART MOBILITY!

Location: OTTO Rothschild – Check Out The Event Page On Facebook

Robotics and Autonomy: The innovation revolution is around the corner! – In this unique meetup, we will get equated with innovative projects of autonomous transportation such as PRT (Personal Rapid Transit), an On Demand Transportation levitating system, and get professional insights about the right way to do R&D project dealing with new products coolness, and more!

Location: BuXa – Check Out The Event Page On Facebook

Talking AI! This talk will demonstrate how an enterprise organization can leverage tools and practices from the AI domain to optimize operational processes and decision points.

Location: TechCode Israel Incubator – Check Out The Event Page On Facebook

Food & Agro Tech on the bar – Join us for an inspiring evening on Food & Agro Tech, with great speakers from leading companies!

Location: Sputnik – Check Out The Event Page On Facebook

Communities 2.0: the future of communities – The New Kibbutz: As communities are all around us and sharing economy is here to stay – join our great panelists for a discussion about sharing economy and new business opportunities.

Location: Abraham Hostel – Check Out The Event Page On Facebook

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