Sat 20 May 2017 | 1:00 pm - 10:00 pm
xTel Aviv - Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, 100 NIS

We are the birth of TARBOOT.
We are a fast growing group of beautiful souls believing in the power of the present. Creating and giving a stage to multi-sensational Events of arts and music.

In a disconnected world changing faster than ever, we take a moment to let go of our past and future and reconnect back into the present.

Welcome to our reality.

For the very first time – TARBOOT is proud to present


Our first event will be held on the 20th of May in a beautiful open-air venue in a hot Saturday afternoon packed with a massive sound system ensuring we hear every single sound as the maker intended combined with two electronic artists coming from abroad for this special occasion.

We are bringing live arts into the event-so get ready- wall spraying artists will paint our surroundings, adding color to our world as live tattoo artists and hair stylers make art come alive!

We have a strong relationship with groups from ‘Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design’ bringing their favourite Art Installations

In addition, our venue holds two beautiful swimming pools, so bring your bathing suits and prepare to get wet .


Mattheis /// Nous’klaer Audio | Rotterdam

Mattheis from Rotterdam is one of the most leading modern neo-trance artists this world has to offer.
On the production level, Mattheis is a master of trippy extreme melodies served on a pure warm analogue sound plate with a cosmic twist.
His sound influenced by masters such as: James Holden, Luke Abbott, Klaus Schulz, Steve Moore and the royal Border Community family.

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