Thu 21 June 2018 | 9:30 pm - 11:59 pm
Pasaz - Allenby 94, Tel Aviv,

In 1988, the members of the “Hatami Hamagba” band released the “Caste” – the first tape of the band “The Top Hat”, and in fact the band’s first recording

When she left, the cassette became a ballet, creating a new, fresh and sharp voice that changed everything that had happened until then in the local music landscape

“The sound was grotesque and not deliberately pleasant, but the news was glamorous from afar, and Fishoff wrote some scattered and somewhat daddish texts, but they were very piercing and defiant in their statements, and the hat was so new in the Israeli rock fields at that time that the critics did not really understand what they wanted , But they knew who to compare to, the bearers of the hat were an energetic cluster of excellent influences without being like anyone, they were as rude as the sex pistols, as unclear as the pool, as mysterious as the residents, politicians like the clash,

All these qualities produced rough and provocative songs that change the listener almost from the start. Fishoff and his friends opened their ears to the people and threw away the wax that absorbed too many agreed social lies. There was cynicism and over-awareness that was innocent and naive. The hat was real pioneers. As they sang, “The Rishonim did not know they were the first.” Ami Brand

30 years after the cassette exit, Tamir Albert – the authors of the hat and caste makers – together with Ram Orion who joined the band after the cassette exit, Sagi Tzoref, Yael Brenner and Itai Manbar returns for a one-time performance, to play the cassette again, The hat from later times, and new songs by Tamir Albert that were recently written

Tamir Albert – singing and guitar
Ram Orion – voices and guitar
Sagi Tzoref-Bass
Yael Brenner – Keyboards
Itai Manbar – drums

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