Thu 24 January 2019 | 6:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Maze 9 - Maze 9, Tel Aviv, FREE

Tel Aviv’s largest Urban Sustainability Fair!

*** Second hand sale to men and women
*** Short lectures on burning topics (also the amazing Mickey Haimovich)
*** Upcycling workshops and urban agriculture
*** Film screenings must be watched
*** Especially worth selling stands
*** And other surprises

Admission is free!
The workshops are subject to pre-registration, and lectures based on availability – details of the lectures below.

There will be drivers and drivers – please bring in disposable glasses from home, for those we do not care. A glass will be given against displaying ID 3>
So what’s in the plan?

Fashion and accessories

Cycle of Fashion – Second hand clothes for women that connect fashion and sustainability

Venta-tlv – Men’s Second Hand Clothing from Venta from Nahalat Binyamin 34

AIR LTD – kitepride – Handmade bags from renewing Kitesurfing parachutes

Emma Braun – Printed fabrics using natural methods that connect art and nature

UPCYCLING workshop of design from next to hand – Upcycling.IL
18: 00-20: 00
Bring you a T-shirt that you do not need and you’ll see what you can create from it easily and quickly.
NIS 10 for participation – payment in place

Workshop for the disappointed planters of the company for urban agriculture The Association For Urban Farming
Workshop for growing (successfully!) Of plants at home. At the end of the workshop, all the participants will receive a personal flowerpot as a gift.

More stalls
Rustys Nut Butters & Treats – Natural nut spreads

TeaLovers – Bring us the tea culture with tasting and infusions

Forever Capsules Israel – A multi-time coffee capsule

Re-feel – Zero waste products for life without plastics

MOLET – Useful furniture items from recycled wood

Kimaya – Natural Care – Ecological & Natural Cosmetics & Care.

Louloucup menstrual cup – the cup that leaves all the tampons behind

“” Better Planet “- the illustrator Naama Man comes with her magical illustrations project, all dedicated to raising awareness of plastic pollution at sea.

Plastic Free Israel – will teach us everything there is to know about the plastic pollution that threatens our planet, and how to bring a glass of coffee with us to the cafe can make a real change

Environmental Film Screening Room (full list coming soon!)

Short lectures on burning issues
All lectures are subject to availability and without prior registration

‘Sustainable Urbanism – Israel 2030’
Ohad Iron from Hava and Adam “Eco-Educational Farm” will come to tell us about the connection between sustainability, community resilience and quality of life in the city, and what is our role in all this.

‘From a neighborhood to a sustainable neighborhood’
Noa Regev, Neighborhood Neighborhood Coordinator, Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality, will tell us about the innovative program in neighborhoods in the city that promotes the community through sustainability.

Meatless Monday
Miki Haimovich
Change the world from the plate. One day a week.

‘Nature Reserves in the Mediterranean Sea’
Liat Tzvi Mediterranean People – Mediterranean People
Why is the sea so important to Tel Aviv (and in general) and how the idea of ​​establishing a nature reserve can save it.

‘From the Roof to the Plate’
Lavi Kuchelvitz, CEO of the Association for Urban Farming, will teach us about the global food crisis, what can be done from the private balcony, and hydroponics and other technologies that will change the way we grow food.

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