Tue 29 October 2019 | 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Overstay Jaffa - 31 Sheerit Street, Tel Aviv,

It is a great pleasure to invite you to the opening of the exhibition “Street Art Belgrade – White cities” in Overstay JAFFA Hostel in Tel Aviv.

The aim of the exhibition and the book “Street Art Belgrade” from which the artwork will be exhibited is to present the amazing street art of Belgrade.

Street art is exposed to time and emotions, and whit exhibition and book our desire is to preserve this specific art form, to document it and make it more visible, because it represents an indispensable part of the urban surrounding and vibrant, artistic part of Belgrade.

Both Belgrade and Tel Aviv are “white cities”, where the street art is vibrant, dynamic and engaging. Famous street artists Dede and Nitzan Mintz have visited Belgrade and left their artwork on the walls of the city, and some Serbian artists spent time in Tel Aviv, where they acquired new insights and inspiration for their street art.

During the opening visitors will have the opportunity to meet the author Aleksandar Đorđević, browse trough the book Street Art Belgrade and leave their mark on the “white wall” of Belgrade.

We are inviting you to join us for the opening of the exhibition, and learn more about street art in Belgrade, its life, people and what inspires artist to express themselves on the walls.

Exhibition will be open from 29th of October till 5th of November.

The book “Street Art Belgrade” and the exhibition are the most comprehensive overview of street art in the Serbian capital, both stylistically and historically and they will take you on amazing walk trough streets of Belgrade.

The exhibition is realized trough Ministry of culture and information.

Walls have always been the perfect place for communication. The exhibition and the book “Street Art Belgrade” present the art of the streets of Belgrade. This art is exposed to time and emotions. The author Aleksandar Đorđević wanted to preserve, document and popularize street art as a specific art forme, because it is the unavoidable part of the urban environment.

The book “Street Art Belgrade” published by Komshe presents the most comprehensive overview of street art in Belgrade, both stylistically and historically. From aphorisms and stencil art, to complex graphics solutions, letters and murals you can follow the graffiti and street art scene in Belgrade, which is becoming more and more vibrant. The book also contains quotes by some of the most active street artists: Artez, Junk, Rage, TKV, Lortek and Nikola. On almost 220 pages and with over 500 photographs, which the author Aleksandar Djordjevic made in the last six years, the book provides a comprehensive insight into the unique world of street art in Belgrade. Also, all texts are in Serbian and in English

Aleksandar Djalek Djordjevic is a photographer, graphic designer translator born in Belgrade. He spent a large part of his life in Germany. While living in Berlin he started taking pictures of graffiti and continued to do so upon his return in Belgrade. The collection grew and now amounts to more than 8000 images. His aim was to present this documented artwork to the public, and the result is the book Street art Belgrade which is bilingual (the texts are in Serbian, and two published versions of the book are in English and in French)

“Graffiti are accessible to all but, because of their exposure to weather conditions and emotions, fleeting by nature. We wish to preserve at least a part of that magic with this book and exhibition and hope to inspire you to experience it on the streets of Belgrade.”
– says the author of the book, Aleksandar Djordjevic


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