Wed 18 April 2018 | 9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Stax - Mazeh 49, Tel Aviv,

Feels like we really took it a few steps forward and an eighth gear and touching the galaxy and that’s it. We are overstated. Exaggerated excesses.
18/04 21:00. Impressions there? there is.

Start with Shazamat – Shazamat Jacques and Ashkan with Kolber Bleiv set something retarded
The ensemble, which slowly but surely is sure to dismantle every stage in the city, arrives at the performance a bit crazy and a lot crazy.

Continue with Lucille Crew and Isaac Marrache –
What can I add? Really, but, what can I add? In a live performance that will leave jaws drooping, mouths open, and hypersensitivity in the groin area.

Sometime during the evening / night a special super guest will come up and you’ll have to say thank you and kiss us on the legs and remind us of how much you are sick of us.

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