Sat 28 October 2017 | 7:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Sputnik Bar - 122 Allenby, Tel Aviv, FREE


The Sputnik Gallery is happy to host
The DNA Magazine for the October launch party

A • D • R • E • N • A • L • I • N • E

Long nights, hypnotic dreams, and an experimental work without restraint.
Dana Magazine presents an innovative web platform designed to connect artists from the fields of photography, movement, fashion, painting and music.
The magazine takes inspiration from the vibrant nighttime culture that takes place in the small hours (private) and creates a community that speaks a brave, exposed and mysterious language.

Featuring the artists —

Daniel Ben-Shushan, Ann Simin, Rani Katan, Ariel Pedatzur, Noa Shahaf, Matan Raphael, Omer Avtalion, Ella Moseri, Guy Leibowitz, Little Mor, Avital Yaakobi, Dean Ben Uri, Yuli Aloni, Yotam Goren, Max Nois, Talia Silver and Bella Wolubnik.


>> Deetroit
>> YALI (live gallery set)


Yael Shaked
Panos Malactos
Maya Faytelson
Noam Caspi
Robin Indahood
Maya Schwarts
Eden Martinovsky x Shahaf Belsh
Anne Hirsh x Omer Jonathan Avtalion (drag)

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