Thu 15 November 2018 | 11:55 pm - 11:59 pm
The Block - Salame 157, Tel Aviv, 90 NIS

Coming from all directions.
Take the Huyve Expressway, continue on it all the time straight and at the heart junction, circle the square 3 times until you see the lineup of the main plaza.
From here on, follow the markings until you reach the threshold of consciousness.

As you approach, the heartbeat sounds like distant aces that herald everything.
But just before the first step … we have a small request.
Dear friends, as soon as you step into the parallel dimension, please turn off Wise, including cell phones, and if possible shut off the problems of the outside world and allow yourself, at least for a few hours, to be present at this moment.

And as you will soon see, this moment will sweep you deep
Sonic Bocking, who have already established themselves as one of the most influential bodies on the trance culture in Israel and around the world, celebrates 7 years of fulfilling dreams.
And if you have known this group a little, we have no doubt that you understand very well how powerful this night is going to be.
Sonic chose to bring to the Sound Temple, the jewel in the crown, one of the most beloved trance artists, big, talented and hypnotizing !!!
And beside him, well .. you will see soon 🙂

Wait a minute
Ran Mizrahi, one of the founders of the commune, is celebrating his birthday.
And there is no better chance than that, to wish him for the first time officially, congratulations on the birth of his eldest daughter.
And anyway, to tell you about a pleasant man, madly talented, and in fact what we call the glue of this crazy gang.
It is not easy to be Ran Mizrahi. To be the listening ear of the entire team, to bring positive and optimistic energy and full of the joy of creation wherever it comes.
We have won, and everyone who has come across this great man who does not stop surprising us all every day again.
Love You Ran This Fucking Understatement !!

Ok … we stretched enough.
The rumors are true, the master is coming !!!!

▬▬▬▬ ■ ▲ THE BLOCK ▲ ■ ▬▬▬▬
Powered by Communa & Sonic Booking

The most sought-after master in the world of the Passerance does not need to tell you anything about him. You can already imagine the first look, the castor coming in, the ball gown melody, the hypnotic rhythm, and the smile that is spread on your face with a heartwarming dedication.
Tristan in the block, two hours of intergalactic perfection.

This royal pair is by far the most sought after band in Israel.
Their music swept through every corner, entered the heart of electronic culture and became an indisputable consensus.
There is no one who did not fall in love with their special sounds, the bold style, the excellent taste and the endless charisma that spills out of them when they stand!
It’s a big, huge, huge celebration!
And you are welcome !!!
And what can be the night on the main stage Tristan and Reising Dast?
Already continue 🙂

Have you already experienced the Israeli Union Jack in an all-round space?
Have you already tasted the hypnotic vibe it produces?
That’s how it is when the music creeps into the soul, spreads on the tendons, and turns you into one, along with it.
Now add to this the 57 sets of loud speakers tuned exactly obsessed .. and the result … Well leave something to the evening itself 🙂

One of the biggest and most outstanding advantages of Sonic Booking is the ability to spot emerging talent at the beginning, to design, to be precise, to improve … and within a certain period of time, to let them discover that they are stars!
That’s exactly the story of Feider’s. A huge star in the making!
His music has already conquered the largest stages in Israel and even appear in the largest festivals, leaving brain parts scattered in space.
So proud to be part of his amazing and unique journey!

Instead of telling you about her book, we’ll tell you what the trance artists that a studio shared with him say about him.
Most of them will tell you about a composer by grace, creator in all his limbs, one who feels the music in its entirety, the one that sends unfinished sections to get the opinion of a real artist, and if he has time then also some small improvements on the way.
Such is her book, a real artist, whose many segments you hear even in favorite parts of the greatest artists.
He is the secret man of many of them, and one of the finest artists in the world !!

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