Sat 24 March 2018 | 2:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Mikonis Shmuel 5 - Mikonis Shmuel 5, Tel Aviv, 50-60 NIS

Did you miss us? Shtifal’e is back, big time!
The first day of summer…roof top…Tel-Aviv…the sun caress your face and your panties are up your butt, just in the right spot. You’re in the mood for some water now, tiny drops slowly drizzling down your body and it feels so good, just like back then, at that time at the Playa…

************************** ************************

Bring on your ducks! Pull out your Luffa, prepare to blow the bubbles and leave your pants at home…
Rumer has it that you’ve been dirty kids and it seems like it’s time for a good shower!
Our ducks took over the hottest rooftop in Tel-Aviv and they are coming to spray some (holly) water on you…
Come with. Come without. Come in a outfit, a tutu, a panties, a leotard, whatever you like, come as you are. The ducks will always love you, unconditionally. Welcome to the family, and as in a family, it is important for us that you’ll be happy…

So what are we planning for you?
A special lineup as only Shtifal’e can make, a super high quality sound system (we are not reviling which, let us surprise you) a ‘Pimp Your Ass’ station that will send you home with a dandyish bona fide ass, high quality alcohol at low prices and many other surprises.

Oh and one last thing-
The Shtifal’e family believes in a safe secure environment. It is important for us to emphasize that at the event there will be a zero tolerance to any invasion of personal space without a solid, mutual agreement.
An approval is only in a full awareness state of mind whether in photo, a touch or a dance. “Maybe”=no, “I don’t know”=no, silence=no
Hopefully you’ll hear only “Yes”
The Duckies.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 🦆🦆🦆🦆 Line-up 🦆🦆🦆🦆 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦

The legendary and one of the Psy-Trance kings, one of the biggest worldwide artist that came out from our little country. After burning every stage around the world as a part of the UPGRADE duel he is finally coming to the Shtifale’s…
With over 15M watches on You Tube and over 120K Soundcloude followers, Udi is coming to provide a quality set just like he knows. We don’t know what about you, but we are excited.

DJ ♫ Jordi
Straight from the Bubble Temple. Jordi, the high priest, is coming to make us see the light with an electronic set that will take us on a journey that goanna make our body feel so good. Full on, Progressive, and many more delicious treats are just a part of the rich menu Jordy is cooking for us. We will take care of you water cup, in case you’ll get overheated…

DJ ♫ Leeka
We believe that in this point we can officially announce- this is the queen of the new stage, in and outside the Burn. The beloved Leeka from the LED BURN family is coming to spice up your life with her unique hip-hop mash-ups sets. This time she is going to work her magic with a new toy-an electric drum kit. Get ready for a set you never heard before.

DJ ♫ Cosmik & ChanChan- Back To Back Set
We really don’t think we need to say much more about Cosmik the prince…it is one of the most interesting phenomenon in the streets today. This time he is armed with his new princes ChanChan and together they’re marching toward us straight from the Lemon Tree Kingdome. In a straight out the oven beck-to-back set, they are goanna make us dance to the sounds of a melodic deep house African touch that will take us to the other side of the world and back.

DJ ♫ TalTool
The man and the pointy hat, another excellent import from our Led-Burn friends. Taltool, the undisputed emperor of Trap and Hip-Hop is coming to shake your naughty (wet) butts in an unforgettable set. We’re totally in love with this dirty fellow and waiting for the moment he’ll let us scrub his pointy hat…

>>>>Tickets people, Tickets<<<<
₪First 200 tickets at 50
₪After first sale price is 60
>>Tickets are limited, and on pre-sale only<<
>>Billing at the bar-cash only<<
🦆All profits from the event are dedicated for the reconstruction and building of the showers gift at the Playa🦆


The Green House, 5 Mikonis St, at the craziest rooftop there is (fresh and right out the box ☺)

**dress code**
Colorful, pretty, shiny, sparkly, and most important-no pants! (Shy? It ok, you can bring your pants although it’s always better without them)
**nudity is forbidden during the party**

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