Wed 21 March 2018 - Fri 23 March 2018 | 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
- , , From 290 NIS

We have missed you ☺

A colorful tribal gathering of
Spirit ~ Love ~ Healing ~ Dance & Celebration

A Tribal, colorful and magical Gathering ~
A space for play, celebration, freedom and love.
A festival that is a musical journey from all the worlds!
We will let go of everything and fly together (TAZ) into free space.
3 days of celebration in a desert community, 2 stages with amazing music, top DJs, live shows and workshops that open our hearts and consciousness.

✿ The musical journey
We are planning a magical, deep musical journey that will uplift us like never before.
There are 2 dance floors – there will be two sets to choose from most of the time.

✿ Freedom Stage
Dance temple in the heart of the desert – there we will be ongoing musical journeys with the best electronic music, live shows, world music and more.

✿ Dance Garden Stage
This is a space for amazing music from all over the world, a magical ambient and many movement workshops.

♫ Noa Zulu ~ Savanna ~ Tribal acoustic trance experience – LIVE
♫ Pettra – Ethnic Progressive Trance
♫ Pepa Danza & Ori Yavor ~ LIVE Ecstatic Dance
♫ Light Child Project
♫ Yudan
♫ Yonder
♫ Yair Go-Love
♫ Ammonite
♫ Mark Berkovic – Satipatthana – PsyChill
♫ Ecstatic Dance with Makatu & Light Child
♫ Dj Spiritito
♫ 4 Elements TranCeremony ~ DJ GoLove

And more surprises coming soon!

✿ Healing Temple
Supportive space for healing with an amazing team of therapists and healers.

✿ Evolution Space
A space for high quality workshops – self-development, consciousness, movement and manifesting a new world.

✿ Sacred Fire

✿ A nourishing space for touch and water sessions in various modalities – plus a heated pool for water treatments.

✿ We will have the best quality sound system.

✿ Food is vegan – delicious, healthy and at a good price. Sushi, soup, stews, shakes, vegan pizzas, salads, desserts and more.

✿ The celebration is intimate. Up to 500 participants. We anticipate being sold out again this year, we recommend purchasing your tickets as soon as possible!

>>> 290 NIS – 100 tickets – Super early sale
330 NIS – 100 tickets – Early sale
360 NIS – – Regular price

Kids under 10 years old enter for free
Teenagers 10-15 years old – 120 NIS

✿ Helpers
Please fill out this form and we will get back to you

✿ Vendors and books: Sharon Danon

✿ Recommended to bring with you:
Camping gear – tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag/blanket, instruments, yoga mat.

✿ We love dogs but please note, dogs are NOT allowed on this property! Please don’t bring them as you will not be able to enter. It is also forbidden to light fires on this property (there will be a central fire). Gas stoves are not allowed for safety reasons.

Shambala creates a fusion of worlds and allows for a diversity of sounds and ways of life to come into expression. You will be able to dance ecstatic, trance, tribal, psychedelic, all in one place.
Music is sacred. Music liberates us to open our hearts and consciousness, it connects us deep into our roots and launches us high into the galaxies.
This year we have chosen the very best artists to create a deep fusion of heart and consciousness, sky and earth, mystery and manifested.

We like the dance floor to have as much ecstatic dance as possible and as little talking, smoking and scattered belongings as possible….we love to surrender to a journey of dance as a tribe of beautiful people who gather and play together.

✿ A bit about us:
Sufi Haim
Explorer of consciousness, holistic psychotherapist, holotropic breath work therapist, workshop facilitator. Creator of transformational spaces for self development. Creator of the Sacred Journey festivals for the past five years.

Creator of sacred spaces for personal and collective development. Producer of festivals, workshops, and gatherings of love and connection. Produces ISTA festival, LaniAkea, and founder of Ecstatic Dance Israel. Creator of movement for youth empowerment called IT.
I am grateful for this wonderful blend of opportunities to open hearts and unite worlds.

✿ We feel it is a great honor to create this tribal gathering, to create space for heart-centered bliss. We are all unique great souls. The “normal” realm of daily routines sometimes weighs us down, and our souls long for spaces of love and freedom. We are pleased to create one of these, and are waiting to dance with all of you ☺

Did you read everything to here?
Are you excited as we are?
We will meet in another cosmic moment.

We are excited to meet again in the Garden of Eden ☺

With lots of love,
Makatu, Sufi and the whole team.

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