Sat 11 January 2020 | 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Tel Aviv Museum of Art - Shaul HaMelech 27, Tel Aviv,


Live Piano Meditations
Shlomi Shaban, Hania Rani (Poland), Yehezkel Raz, Shir Sofer and more in a first of its kind evening!

January 11th | Tel Aviv Museum of Art | 20:30

There’s something about a piano that creates within us a wide range of feelings, and strums on the slightest heart strings of our soul.

There’s something about meditation, that allows us to enter ourselves, and just be present. Attentive. Aware. To everything that exists and any sensation that arises within.

We are very excited to present before you (and before ourselves) a first of its kind evening, that hopes to connect between the 88 black and white piano keys and different techniques of meditation.

The extraordinary space of the Tel Aviv Museum for Art, and especially the exhibition “A New Age: The Spiritual in Art” will be our wonderful hosts for this special evening.

Throughout the performances we will listen to entrancing musical masters (details below), sometimes while sitting, sometimes through lying down, in some times we will close our eyes, in some we will only listen – and in all of these parts we invite ourselves to let go – the magic will happen by itself!

So – how does it work?
The entry ticket allows a choice between two main spaces.

The first – the “A new Age” exhibition gallery, where a piano and other musical equipment (samplers, control boards, effects) will be set in the centre and we will sit around them in 360 degrees. Behind the piano – Yehezkel Raz will create beautiful sound combining the classical and modern ambient worlds of music.
Shir Sofer, the great master who has been researching sound as a therapeutic method, will perform on the same stage. Using Tibetian bowls, gongs and other instruments he has collected through years of travelling the world and its ancient cultures, will fill the space with enchanting healing tones.
Surrounding them, as part of the exhibit, artworks by Hilma af Klint, Marina Abramovich, Emma Kunz and many more will be displayed.
You are welcome to sit or lay down in the special space. Close your eyes, or leave them open, and mainly allow the feeling to come over you. To free you. To release.

The second space will be Asia Hall – the new and acoustic performance hall of the museum. There, the wonderful musician and pianist Hani Rani will perform for the first time in Israel. Hania has been for some time now a known secret for music lovers world wide. Her extraordinary talent has made her a shooting star in the music world, due to her completely original and unique way of playing. Her music is influenced by nature, winter, the flow of thriving rivers, snowflakes that lay on pine needles.
After her performance, Shlomi Shaban, one of Israel’s finest pianists will perform with the world debut of his new piece, which will be followed by an improvisation session that will move between the abyss of feelings to urban roughness.
Here also there will be an open invitation to enter a meditative consciousness.

Movement between the two spaces will be allowed, subject to availability.

Between the different parts, Renana Raz, Rafik Yedidya and Itay Mautner will speak about the collective experience and open new paths for connecting with it.

Shamans of Sound is a new musical series, that crosses different genres and asks with each new experience to put the focus on execptional musical masters that are able to take themselves and their audience over the borders known to us.
In past events, artists such as Amit Carmeli and Itamar Doari, Kutiman Orchestra and Stella Chiweshe have participated.

Links to the artists music:
Hania Rani >>
Yehezkel Raz >>
Shir Sofer >>
And we all know Shlomi Shaban.

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