Thu 22 November 2018 - Sat 24 November 2018 | 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Jaffa Theater - Mifrats Shlomo Promenade 10, Tel Aviv,

Helicon is happy to present Sha’ar – the 17th International Poetry Festival, and this year on the subject of “Selfi without filter – identity crosses fences”

Which will take place on Thursday – Saturday 22-24.11.18
Jaffa Theater
And in other locations in Tel Aviv-Jaffa
Full details below
Admission is free! *

International Poetry Poetry Festival
Identity crosses fences – Salafi without filter

The Sha’ar International Poetry Festival will address the subject of identity this year. Poets and poets from Israel and abroad will read, write and engage in fascinating dialogues with artists from different fields, and will break down and connect the elements of identity through fences and definitions of language, body, gender, real and virtual. The memory, the memory, the collective memory that is passed down from generation to generation, and the way in which poetry creates multiple voices and identities and turns fiction into truth and fiction.

Thursday, November 22

19:00 | Jaffa Theater Hall
World Mosaic – poets read in their own language
Guests of the Sha’ar Festival from Israel and abroad will read poetry and allow the audience to taste the sound of the words in all the languages ​​participating in the festival
With the participation of Hedva Harkabi – Hebrew, Raja Natur – Arabic, Laure Cambau (France), Zeno Bianu (France), Natasha Sardzoska (Macedonia), Mathura (Italy) Marilena Rend (Hungary) Gabor Lanczkor, ) Giedr Kaz Kazlauskait,, (Romania) Andrei Dósa
Music: Arik Livnat (saxophone)
Moderator: Michal Savironi

20:30 | Jaffa Theater Hall
Between Identities – the opening performance of the festival
My poetry journey to the unlimited possibilities that poetry offers – poets and poets about the creation of the worlds it allows
With the participation of Nurit Zarchi, Roni Somak, Hedva Harkabi, Haviva Pedaya, Mathura (Estonia), Marilena Renda (Italy)
Music: Yair Dalal and the ensemble ‘Afro Baghdad’
Moderator: Michal Savironi

22:00 Jaffa Theater Hall
Eiffe loi michair
The perception of the ego in the virtual age, the writing and erasure of identities
With the participation of Agi Mishol, Adi Caesar, Ran Shapira, Noa Shakargy, Eric Sarner (France), Andrei Dósa (Romania)
Music and Poetry: Tzlil Danin, Tal Yogev
Moderator: Michal Savironi

Friday, November 23rd

10:00 The Well House, 6 Shlomo Road, Tel Aviv
Standing in no country
A dialogue and reading in honor of Hannah Arendt’s book of poems, which was published in Hebrew, about the unique and multifaceted image of the researcher and the philosopher who also wrote poetry. The event will feature a film from Vita Activa, a spiritual biography of Hannah Arendt, directed by Ada Ushpiz. The book “Myself, I Dance,” by Hannah Arendt, was published in Hebrew by Keshev for poetry, translated by Dina von Schwartza (available at the site)
With Nurit Zarchi, Dina von Schwartza, Haviva Pedaya, Ada Ushpiz
Moderator: Amichai Hasson

12:00 Jaffa Theater Hall
To the question-answer voice
Kabbalat Shabbat you sing with the returnees and come in question and answer
With the participation of Yonatan Berg, Ophir Nuriel, Eli Eliahu, Noa Shakarji, Moran Arieh
Music and Poetry: Eliezer Botzer, Nissan Ventura – Guitars, Dan Salomon – Keyboards
Editor and moderator: Yonatan Kunda

14:00 The Jaffa Theater
Not on food alone *
An event of poetry, food and childhood memories with the chef Madi Sari, who will illustrate and tell the story of the Arab food from her mother’s house, along with poets and poets who will read their poems and tell stories of food and identity
With the participation of Sheikha Haliva, Shimon Adaf, Anat Zacharia, Gabor Lanczkor (Hungary), Eric Sarner (France-Algeria)
Instructor: Sigal Weissbin
* Paid event, tickets: 50 NIS (including vegetarian meal)

16:30 Jaffa Theater Hall
In my body I understand
Reading poetry combined with improvisations in music and dance on the female body as an identity generator, along with a passage from the dance performance: The Tragedy of Being by Anat Grigorio.
Featuring Anat Zakaria, Agi Mishol, Judith Shahar, Natasha Sardzoska (Macedonia)
Dance and Music Choreographer and dancer Anat Grigorio, Sonia Jacob-saxophone, Or Sinai-double bass
Editor and moderator: Sahar Adas

20:00 | Jaffa Theater Hall
Poetic passport
Poetic Passport
Poetry in French, Hebrew and Arabic.
Poets and poets read and speak of language and place as identity constructors. The event is part of the “Books on Stage” festival in the framework of the France-Israel Cultural Season and in cooperation with the French Institute, initiated by Rosaleen Deri, who attends literary and books affairs at the French Institute. The “Books on Stage” Festival was founded in 2011 and has become an integral part of the cultural scene in Israel. The festival is an exciting encounter between French literature and Israeli literature, which is the result of a rich and enthusiastic collaboration between French and Israeli publishers, writers and translators who promote their works among the Israeli audience. Since its establishment, the festival has offered more than 100 readings by about 60 actors and has been attended by many French and Israeli writers.
Featuring Zeno Bianu, Laure Cambau, Eric Sarner, Dori Manor, Shimon Adaf, Anat Levin, Sigal Ben Yair, Raja Natour, Sheikha Haliva
Music and Poetry: A choir of Hebrew-Arabic girls conducted by Yair Dalal
Moderator: Michal Savironi

22:00 Container, Warehouse 2, Jaffa Port
‘On the lips’ foreign passport
The singing events on the lips in a special version of the festival – a young poetry event and a party about the tension between life here in Israel and the desire to live in other places.
With the participation of Yonatan Berg, Noa Shaham, Nissan Cohen, Tehila Hakimi, Ofir Nuriel, Regev Elharar
Music Noam Rotem (soloist of the former ice group 9), piano: Yahel Playov
DJ Ofer Yarkoni
Editor and moderator: Regev Elharar

Saturday, November 24th

12:00 The Well House, 6 Shlomo Road, Tel Aviv
M language
Three pairs of poets and translators will speak and read – on mother tongue and acquired language and the intimate connection created through the work of translation
Agi Mishol, Gabor Haimzowitz, Mathura (Estonia), Sabine Hayoun and Anat Levine – French Hebrew
Participant and moderator: Joanna Chen

14:00 The Well House, 6 Shlomo Road, Tel Aviv
Parents to rent
About contemporary parenting and parenting, our relationship with our parents and children, and how they shape us
With the participation of Yakir Ben Moshe, Judith Shachar, Eli Eliyahu, Giora Fisher, Marinela Rreda (Italy), Giedr Kaz Kazlaus

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