Tue 19 September 2017 | 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
The Tower of David Museum - Old City, Jerusalem, 18 NIS

Selichot Tahrir in the Tower of David.┬áTahrir – East Culture Bar and the Tower of David Museum are excited to invite you and you to the Selichot Tahrir event.

Tuesday, 19.9 | 20:00 | NIS 18 (and Arak at our expense)

Tahrir is no longer in the market, but tradition can not be broken. Just before Rosh Hashana you are invited to an evening of Selichot and Arak, liturgical poems and hugs.

This is the fifth year (Hamsa Aleinu) for the “Tahrirot Tahrir” concert, which is an exciting musical experience, intertwined with piyutim of Selichot in the style of Spain, Aleppo, Iraq and Morocco. Will also play soul songs from the Israeli Mizrahi song and Ashkenazi melodies /

So you wanted to ask forgiveness and did not know the time and the place?
They agreed with the friends and friends – “Selichot Tahrir” in the Tower of David

20:00 Opening Doors: We will start an exciting evening with cold beer from the barrel, talking and sitting on the grass together with music from the oriental soul. Or as they say in Tahrir: “To drink and forget so that we can forgive” with love.

21:30 Selichot Show: The performance will take place on the main stage with the participation of fourteen leading musicians.

The music will be entrusted to Tahrir Music Giants and a singing choir that will take you to the benches of the synagogue in the moments of excitement of the High Holiday prayers.

Musicians: Eliahu Dagmi – guitar and bass, Ilan Keinan – bass, Ofer Benita – drums, Elad Kimhi – percussion, Sarel Hacohen – Kannon, Yehuda Yona – Oud, Hanani Zeit – Nai

Choir: Effi Duyav, Yair Kochav, Moti Gabay, Liat Raz, Tamar Bloch, Eti Cohen

Artistic management and production: Yair Kochav

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