Thu 29 November 2018 | 8:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Hangar 22 - Namal Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv,

The Stardust acoustic show is back!

Then the sandstorm is behind us, winter is approaching and a new album is brewing for him.
In the best tradition, let’s put aside the trams and keyboards and bring you a warm and tasty acustic performance.

So what will we have?
Special acoustic adaptations of the songs of the Stardust? Check
choir? Check
String Quartet? Check
double bass? Acoustic guitar? Grand piano? Check
Surprises? Check
And of course, all the proceeds from the performance are dedicated to the recording of the upcoming album!

When? Thursday, November 29, at 20:30
where? Beit HaYotser (Pavilion 22, Tel Aviv Port)

see you later!

Scardust are:
Noa Grumman (vocals and conducting)
Yadin Moyal (guitar and vocals)
Yanai Avnet (Contra Bass)
Yoav Weinberg (drums and percussion)
Itay Portugali (piano)

Special guests:
Lev Kreziner
String quartet (Rinat Grohman, Idit Grohman, Sophie Keren and Alex Marco)
The mysterious choir of monks and more …

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