Sat 16 March 2019 | 1:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Beta Opera - Hayarden 2, tel aviv, 30 NIS

Saturday afternoon, this time we woke up and thought to ourselves: sea? Friends? Shall we jump or invite? What happens and it?
Some decisions, we barely opened our eyes, we did not brush the nicotine from our teeth …
We are part of a light life, without concessions! Let’s go for everything:
Sea view, sundeck for sunbathing, spoiled space, fine music, drink
Come before-in the middle-after-with the bikinis, with the Guinness, whatever comes, with love.
We feel like Oneida Style in the city and in our hearts friends play, dance, smile and most importantly we will be happy.

13: 00-21: 00
Best of Mix & Match:

Ari Miller b2b Jakob
Dennis Y
Matteo b2b Jack Lavi
Tal Siksik

Entrances in lists only
30 shekels
Come with smiles

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