Fri 22 September 2017 | 1:00 pm - 11:00 pm
- , , 180 NIS

“I love rumors! Facts can sometimes be very misleading, but rumors – whether true or false – always reveal something “(Hans Lunde,” disrespectful bastards “)

There is no better way to open the New Year, on Friday afternoon, in the most exciting location in Tel Aviv with a top DJ!

Rumors is not a label, Design, psychedelic, music and the connection between all these, a life in which you can be who you are under the umbrella of Rumors, disguised or natural, stoned or slaughtered, burning the plaza or lazily moving behind – Rumors, bringing with her the Elizabethan spirit, That’s why every Rumors party looks different: with colorful-colored decor, special accessories and music that wraps everything up and gives the hedonistic context Right.

And that’s before we got to the living spirit behind Rumors, Guy Gerber – the best Israeli export since the school. For over a decade, he has been far beyond the curiosity of Israeli pride: he is equal among equals in the elite of the world’s cosmos and techno. Who is in charge of Tel Aviv’s new sound, with crisp productions that incorporate a melodic sensitivity that can be plunged into it. With the anthems such as “Stoppage Time”, “Hate / Love”, “Sea of ​​Sand” and “Timing” still playing, a mix album in the prestigious Fabrik series, Puff Dedi, Rillies with Dixon and Residency in Ibiza, Gerber is in a league of his own.

Garber will join old friends who go a long way and represent well the spirit of Rumors: The madness called DOP You can not explain what these three do in concert: an electronic circus of three people turn every party into chaotic turmoil. Organic bits of the house, eccentric Eastern sounds that give contrition, twisted melodies that sneak into the brain without realizing it and a song that is all about a loaded libido that is about to explode, make up one of the most exciting ensembles in the electronic scene. The French duo, which is a traveling cavernous theater, has taken out parts in the likes of Life and Death, Circus Company and Parliament Pacts, but its main power is and remains in the unforgettable live performances with a bursting energetic energy presence that may at any given moment become a mass orgy. you have been warned.

On the day of the event, a message will be sent to the ticket purchasers with the exact location.

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