Thu 26 December 2019 | 11:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Hamam - Mifraz Shlomo 10, Tel Aviv,

A Proclamation to the crowd of believers

Opening remarks:
To the general audience ˖ which a singer and dance will love ˖ whose alcohol is provide without much persuasion ˖ upon reaching his ears will lower his waist and dance his feet ˖ the one who sees sunrise and does not hesitate ˖ do not trust the world to come ˖ This is the audience ˖ Exceptional message ˖

regarding the address: In
Jaffa ˖ at the best ץ The bathhouse has returned to work ועים As a fun open house for all מפ Fancy fancy ˖ Inviting and large ˖ Even the smell in it will not make you suffer ˖ It is almost perfect ˖ ˖˖˖

About the participants:
The position will rise to DJs – an integral part of the program And sharp as a spear:
Yotam Avni Yotam Avni
Age Corey Sheimus K
Real Roni Roni Amitai
with me Edri Itai Edri

Everyone is talented and pretty, too ˖ in the crowd but not the youth! (Since we do not want to sit in prison) ˖ Everyone will provide participants with a playground ˖ For fogs, dances and sorcerers

We hope the audience will enjoy the above ˖ And will also be mentally satisfied ˖ Admission to the venue will not be free (so that we will have personal enjoyment) ˖ purchase and place in reserve ˖ that instead of purchase may not be possible ˖

Early birds first round at 50 shekels ˖ who followed a second round 80 shekels ˖

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